How important role does design play in starting a new venture?

Did you ever wonder why some products fail to make an impression? As a business owner, one always tend to look for all the aspects and do all the required research before starting up something new. For instance, if its a food or beverage item then thorough tasting sessions will be conducted to make the improvements before launching it in the market.

However, companies often fail to understand the real cause of a product failure. Despite the outlined standard procedures for the new team, extending from lead generation to closing the deal, things do not work out as expected and the decision makers put all the blame on their young team and hold them responsible for the lack of interest people showed towards their service or product. They make sudden changes in their teams and still get the same response. Eventually, they realize it's not the team which is the issue but them.

Someone who has invested a good amount of money into the business would always wonder whether their products is at least being tried, let alone appreciated. Although, customer feedback can help them to improve but what if the customer is not interested to even try it.

Well in that case the answer is straight-forward and is right in front of them but unfortunately they over looked that from the beginning and that is the "design".

Lets suppose its a food item then the first thing they should have worked on is the package. If the packing in itself is ordinary then, while browsing through shelves, people would not look at it twice and end up with their usual choice of item. Here you just lost the battle before you actually started it.

Things which are appealing to the eyes always carry more value than otherwise and its a universal fact; let it be anything from company logo to grocery items, from cars to planes.

Lets take a look at few examples starting from the tech world. Why Apple is able to capture major share of the market? Although, the competitors have the machines or phones with same or higher specs at a lower price, even then it stands out.

Shifting our focus from tech to automotive industry. Lets suppose Honda Civic decides to put Lamborghini's engine in their new model. Would you buy that at Lamborghini's price? I bet not. But why not as it is equally fast and powerful yet it does not stand a chance.

Lets talk about new companies now, as discussed earlier owners tend to do all the research before starting up but usually  ignore the design part. Least importance is given to branding, logo & web designs, color pallets which will be associated with the company in the future.

In this case the outcome is inevitable, no matter how hard you try, the company would always stay behind its competitors. 

Let's sum up the whole discussion now, basically the amount of effort put on the presentation of your products or services will decide the customer's count in the early phase of your business.

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