Common sense is essential


You got a nice business idea and have already figured out that digital ads would be a good choice. If you have already reached this far then it's a good start.

Now you would start to find a digital agency that can do the job for your company basically promoting your products or services. As being new to this, you would tend to meet many marketing agencies to have a better idea of things.

Every agency would tell you their plan of action as in which platform would be suitable for you at this stage and what amount of budget is appropriate.

If you have enough budget then trying out all the available platforms is one of the options. But would not it be like a hit and trial method where you are not sure as in what is best for you and how to optimize your promotional campaigns?

The thing is if one social media platform is good for one person does not mean that it would be equally good for the other.

So how would you choose between many available options and communicate your choice to the digital agency? They can also suggest you and they can be correct as well but you yourself should also have a clear idea as to what should be the way forward.

You believe that you do not have much knowledge about the subject so it's better to rely on professionals as they would have a better idea of this. 

The good news is that you do not need any knowledge to choose the marketing platform which is most suitable for you. Wondering how? Its easy, common sense will guide you to reach the best choice.

The first step, check your own digital presence. You on Facebook or Insta? or Snapchat ? or any other platform? How many times do you search on Google for a particular question? You got the answer right. But do not stop here as trends are not usually measured by the opinion of one person. Now look around, observe how your family members engage with digital platforms over the internet.

Same goes for your friends, you can ask a few of them which platform they use more often to interact with people and businesses over the internet. See you are getting there.

By now you should have a clear idea as to which platform people prefer to use more. So according to your budget, prioritize your ad spent according to the platform's popularity. 
So is it that simple that any business owner himself can suggest the digital advertising platform to an agency?

Yes, using some basic indicators would help you to reach a decision and even if you could not do it on your own then be straight about it to the agency so they can guide you accordingly. A clear vision will always produce better results.

Written By Cerostech Content Team. A Digital Agency in Pakistan
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