E Commerce platform for a small online store

E commerce platform in plain words is a management system which handles orders placement for an online store. Let's evaluate Woocommerce which is one of the options out of many and see how good it can be for your business model.There are plenty of options available to choose from and each option has its some pros and cons.
Interestingly, every E commerce agency has its own favorite and accordingly they would suggest the same to the client.
If you have approached multiple agencies for the same then it won't to do any good but add up more confusion.
Majorly, the choice depends on the store size.
Here is list of things why find we Woo Commerce most viable and useful for a small E commerce store. 

  • No monthly fee like few other platforms means no recurring cost
  • It's highly customizable. Amazing features kind be added to your store . Let it be subscriptions or bulk orders download. You can name that and it would have it
  • According to Woo Commerce, the platform is highly scale able which means it should work seamlessly for any store size but the reality is different if you want to keep a small store size then its fine but if you want to have products more than few hundreds then its not suitable for you at all. Be sure, what you are really looking for when you decide on a E commerce platform,
  •  Behavioral analytics can setup on the store. Basic and really advanced too and not only for Google but for Facebook too
  • Woo Commerce uses word press as CMS which has a market share of 59.9% over the internet which means out of 10 websites, 6 are using Word Press for their content management
  • No design dependencies. A really modern and stylish store can designed as per you brand image and target audience which can easily make you stand out among your competitors
  • It's secure and offers multiple payment options to customer varying from Credit card, Debit card, PayPal to Cash on Delivery.
  • Less maintenance cost. Except some advanced features it does not ask for paid updates. The only recurring cost can be if an agency is maintaining it on your behalf.
  • Another very important factor is that it is Search Engine Optimization friendly.Your online shop can easily reach on Google 1st page results if a good SEO experts works on it meaning you can get organic visitors too which will consequently reduce you advertisements cost plus improving brand awareness. 
  • It's reliable as among all the platform it is the most popular having the total of 2287k online shops making it the number one platform in 2018 for its usage world wide.Henceforth, its bound have continued support and updates in the future too. It's ideal for a small size online store.
Hopefully, by now it would be easier for you to reach a decision and can safely go ahead with your choice of platform .
Written by CerosTech Content Team. An E commerce specialist digital agency based in Lahore, Pakistan.


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